Taylor Swift Video - The Red Tour Live

Setlist for Taylor Swift Red Tour

  • 01- State of Grace
  • 02- Holy Ground
  • 03-Red
  • 04- You Belong With Me
  • 05- The Lucky One
  • 06- Mean
  • 07- Stay Stay Stay / Ho Hey
  • 08- 22
  • 09- Begin Again
  • 10-fearless
  • 11- I Almost Do
  • 12- Sparks Fly
  • 13- I Knew You Were Trouble
  • 14- All Too Well
  • 15- Love Story
  • 16- Treacherous
  • 17- We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together

Me and Taylor

I began listening to Taylor Swift shortly after she appeared on Good Morning America or one of those morning shows.  I don't remember because I was still sleeping when I heard the hosts of the show saying, "Taylor Swift has a new song out and she's here to sing it for our audience outside."

She performed the song 'Shake it Off' and I thought, "Hmm, she's really good". As soon as I woke up that morning I forgot about Shake it Off.  I had to prepare for the day's activities and I wasn't thinking about music.

Later in the day, I began singing Shake it Off. I instantly fished the smartphone out of my back pocket and performed a YouTube search for Taylor's song.

I was hooked!


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